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Homegrown Meats Of Tantramar
The concept originated at Pickles Deli Style Restaurant in downtown Sackville. David Hunter, one of the owners of Pickles is a food product developer and was inspired by the quality of the Tantramar meat being delivered by Boudreau Meats of Memramcook, NB.
Guy Boudreau would deliver the meat to Pickles and every week a small talk would start about doing something bigger. Over the course of a year these small talks manifested a brand, and Homegrown Meats Of Tantramar was created. Stickers were purchased and Andy Rose from Sackville Save Easy opened the doors to have this meat available at his grocery store. From there, other stores came on board, and it now has evolved into also selling quarter’s and sides direct to the public.
At Homegrown Meats we believe that corporate style farming is not healthy for the animal and/or the consumer. We cannot rule out that injecting livestock with hormones and steroids does not affect the human body for the long term. We don’t need to read a scientific report to come to this conclusion, we believe this is just logic.
We believe New Brunswick farmers produce some of the most natural food in Canada and we want to have our food eaten here. We feel that having our livestock exported and replaced with South American, American, or Western Beef is a practice that has to be reversed. Eating our own food from our great New Brunswick farmer is in our opinion the most basic and effective way to stimulate this province’s economy. Finally, we believe eating meat that is more natural is better for your body.
Today Homegrown Meats Of Tantramar has turned into a team effort. Farmer’s and meat cutters do not have the time to market, advertise, and distribute the meat they produce so in this case there is now a full dedicated team working in conjunction with the farmer’s and abbattoir.
There is no cooperative and no board, it’s a tight knit team and simple process that moves money to the farmer, to the abbatoir, to the consumer, back to the farmer again. The New Brunswick farmer gets paid top dollar for their livestock and gets their money right away. The provincially licensed abbattoir Boudreau Meats of Memramcook processes the animal to the customers specifications brought in by the marketing arm. Old School Foods (The marketing arm) advertises the meat, makes the public aware of its existence, does in store promotions, organizes events and reinvests back into the community. There is also a trained meat specialist to help consumers and grocery meat cutters get the right cuts and then distributes and delivers the meat. How do you know they have no hormones or steroids?
We all work and live in Southeast New Brunswick. Boudreau Meats is a third generation abbattoir. The advantage when you are in a community and are not processing thousands of cattle, pork and more, you are in an environment to know personally the people you are dealing with. When you are in the business for over 32 years you get to know your way around the farm.
Tantramar is an area of traditional farming practices and the Tantramar Marsh provides world class grass. The province of New Brunswick for that matter is a province where traditional farming practices are still the mainstream. In our opinion we are fortunate to be surrounded by such great food producers and it gives us an advantage over most of Canada to have this kind of program.
Who are the farmer’s?
Some of the farmers are Dixon’s Farm Fresh Beef, Tantramar Acres (The Murray Family) – Lamb, Dean Acton – Beef, Clarence Estabrooks – Pork, The Oulton’s – Lamb, Boudreau Farm – Beef & Turkey, Jean Bourque – 100% Grass Fed Beef, to name a few.
This is not an exclusive club. If you are a New Brunswick farmer and have cattle, pork, lamb, chickens, and/or turkeys and use old school practices (no hormones, steroids, natural feed) to raise your livestock give us a call at 506 961 9600 and we can make an arrangement to visit your farm and evaluate your offerings. Currently there is a demand for chicken and 100% grass fed beef.
Our meat is available at Terry’s Beef N’ More in St. George, will be happy to supply you with regular and custom cuts.
What Products Do You Have – How Do I Order?
We provide side and quarters of beef, sides of pork and whole lambs custom cut, wrapped, Meat Packs are also available. We can also help with special cuts for events. Just call 506 7553210 or send in a request on the contact page of what you need and we can work with you to make sure you get the cuts that you want and/or the meat you need for your budget.

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